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14 Minesweeper Variants (v1.16)

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The classic logic game of Minesweeper has been around since the 1980s and has become an iconic part of its era. Despite its age, the game of Minesweeper continues to be a favorite of game players around the world. With its intense gameplay, it is no wonder it has spawned 14 different versions of the original game, known as Minesweeper variants.
14 minesweeper variants
minesweeper variants

The 14 Minesweeper variants of v.1.16 include Foolsweeper, Space Mission, Speed Sweep, Kleine Mines, Minesweeper Long-Jump Championship, Range, Unique Mines, Unmilitary Mines, Super Mines, Laser Mines, Pirate Mines, and Vaultsweeper. Each Minesweeper variant has its own spin on the rules and objectives, so the experienced player will find a version that suits their playing style best.
minesweeper inside of minesweeper

One such varied Minesweeper variant is the incredible Minesweeper inside of Minesweeper. This variant world is a two-layer game where the outer game board is composed of the original Minesweeper rules. The second inner game board is exactly the same but with its own mines, making it a unique experience.

The other 13 Minesweeper variants also have their own unique rules and objectives. Foolsweeper is set in a maze-like field while Unique Mines has various tiles that trigger different effects. Speed Sweep requires you to complete the game as fast as you can while Laser Mines has laser beams that can clear nearby tiles when detonated. The Super Mines variant includes bombs that have to be defused before the game ends.

The 14 Minesweeper variants make for an exciting and varied experience for gamers of all abilities. Whether you want to challenge your logic skills with classic Minesweeper or try your luck with the new variant options, you will be sure to find an experience that fits your style of play.

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