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Battle Chess: Game Of Kings (v1.0)

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Battle Chess: Game of Kings (v1.0) is a classic and challenging strategy game developed by Interplay Entertainment. Released in 1988, it's a spin-off of the original Battle Chess, offering a new set of game rules and other game enhancements. Battle Chess: Game of Kings is available for free download and allows players to play against friends or computer opponents in the classic game of chess.
battle chess game of kings
battle chess: game of kings free download

The gameplay in Battle Chess: Game of Kings is typical of most chess games. Players take turns making moves on a standard 8x8 board, each move attempting to capture the other player's pieces or build up a strong offensive position. The game includes seven different game levels, starting with a beginner-level play mode that can be quickly mastered, up to higher levels for experienced players. Full color pieces with recognizable characters are featured throughout the game, making it both attractive and accessible.
play battle chess game of kings

For anyone who has ever wanted to test their wit on a classic game of chess, Battle Chess: Game of Kings is the perfect choice. And with its simple UI, it's easy for novices to learn the strategies and nuances of the game without getting bogged down in details. Even experienced players will be challenged as the AI-controlled computer opponents learn from your moves. With its colorful characters and entertaining chessboard animations, Battle Chess: Game of Kings is sure to please players of all ages.

Whether you’re a novice or a Grand Master, the game of Chess is certainly a timeless classic. Time-honored strategies combined with intricate pieces and a dynamic board make the game of Chess an ever-changing challenge of logic and skill. With Battle Chess: Game of Kings, you can now explore the game of chess in a unique and exciting way – by watching a virtual battle between two medieval forces. Instead of simply moving the pieces, you’ll see them battle it out, swords and armor clashing as they vie for control of the board. It’s a great way to bring the classic game of chess to a new and exciting level.
battle chess: game of kings

Battle Chess: Game of Kings is an excellent addition to the gaming library of any chess enthusiast. Download the game for free and enjoy hours of challenging and exciting chess action. This version of Battle Chess is sure to have you coming back time and time again, as you face off against some of the toughest AI opponents in the Chess Game of Kings.

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