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Boris FX Silhouette 2021

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Boris FX Silhouette 2021 is the latest edition of the leading roto and paint software from manufacturer Boris FX. It uses advanced 2D and 3D tracking, rotoscoping, and painting tools to create high-quality results for film and video projects. With Boris FX Silhouette 2021, users can easily track objects, paint out unwanted elements, or generate complex green or blue screen composites.
silhouette boris fx
boris fx silhouette

For 2021, Boris FX has added an improved roto shape workflow, additional tracking markers, and a dedicated matte refinement section for accurate object removal. Additionally, Silhouette 2021 includes Remover and Stabilizer – two powerful image-restoration tools – to help take on the toughest roto jobs.

The Remover tool works to perfect roto mattes automatically, while the Stabilizer helps to reduce camera shake and jitter, offering users a more seamless workflow. There’s even the option to work on projects across multiple computers with distributed network rendering and synchronization.

The Boris FX Silhouette 2021 release also adds support for new intelligent masking tools, including the ability to automatically draw masks around objects such as people, animals, and vehicles in footage. Alternatively, users can employ their flagship Paint tools to block out areas. Boris FX have also built in smart multi-Layer effects with configurable layers to composite convincingly.

For filmmakers and video producers looking for advanced roto and painting features, Boris FX Silhouette 2021 is the perfect tool. With its fully-featured set of roto, paint, and rendering capabilities, Silhouette 2021 gives users wider creative options and flexible output options for broadcast, web, or cinema.

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