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Dead Estate (v1.4.2)

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Dead Estate (v1.4.2) is an award-winning simulation game that lets players take control of a neglected and decaying property. Combining strategic and creative gameplay, Dead Estate (v1.4.2) gives players the opportunity to create a resilient and profitable estate in a zombie-infested graveyard.
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Dead Estate (v1.4.2) consists of eight levels. Starting from level one, players must construct buildings, identify and manage resources, create defensive structures, and ultimately, keep their citizens safe from the hordes of undead attacking from all directions. Players can also build traps, recruit NPCs and customize their property with decorations to further enhance their estate.

In addition to the expansive main game, Dead Estate (v1.4.2) also features Costume Parties, a unique feature that allows players to dress up their citizens in an array of costumes. Through these entertaining activities, players can earn points, build relationships and pass the time while maintaining the safety of the estate.

Dead Estate (v1.4.2) is a game that requires strategic planning as well as a keen eye for detail. Players can download the game on their PC, Mac or Android device today to start engineering their very own zombie-proof property. With buildings to construct, zombies to defeat, and citizens to protect, Dead Estate (v1.4.2) is sure to provide an entertaining and challenging experience.

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