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Embertone – Sensual Saxophone (KONTAKT)

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Embertone – Sensual Saxophone (KONTAKT) is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a realistic, expressive and truly sensual saxophone sound. This amazing Kontakt library has been carefully crafted to provide producers and composers with the highest quality sax samples from all over the world, so you can easily create a variety of appealing saxophone ensembles and textures. Embertone's Sensual Saxophone library is loaded with industrial-strength Kontakt engines, allowing producers to easily and quickly mock up full saxophone performances.
sensual saxophone kontakt

The Sensual Saxophone library offers a wide range of saxophones, from baritone and tenor saxes to soprano and alto saxes. In addition, there are a number of effects and controls that allow further customisation of the sound. This includes a reverb module, a soft limiter and an ADSR control, so you can precisely tailor the sax sounds to your needs. The included presets also help to get you started quickly and easily, so you can start creating beautiful music right away.

Embertone's Sensual Saxophone library is the perfect choice for anyone looking for authentic, expressive and truly sensual saxophone sounds. It is packed with the best saxophone samples from around the globe, and the effects and controls allow for further customisation. The included Kontakt instruments make it easy to create sax ensembles and textures, while the presets are ideal for getting inspired quickly. No wonder Sensual Saxophone (KONTAKT) is the perfect choice for all your saxophone needs.

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