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Europa Universalis IV (v1.34.5 & ALL DLC)

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Europa Universalis IV (EU4) is one of the most beloved grand strategy games of all time. Released in 2013, EU4 has been constantly updated, patched and expanded with numerous DLCs (downloadable content). Version 1.34.5, with all available DLC, can be now freely downloaded, either on the Europa Universalis IV website or on Steam.
eu4 download free
eu4 free download

The DLCs of EU4 pack a wide range of additional content, like new nations, historical events, music and much more. One of the most renown, and perhaps best, DLC pack is the “Lion of the North”, which brings new content and challenges to the Sweden nation. Other packs include new events and content for other nations, like Poland and the Commonwealth, Mughal India and even the Ottoman empire.
eu4 free

In total, the EU4 free download package includes over 20 DLCs, such as Common Sense, Federations, Mandate of Heaven, Dharma and even the upcoming Leviathan expansion pack. All of these packs add to both the historical accuracy of the game, as well as the overall playing experience.

For those that have not play EU4 before, the free download is a great way to get started. Those with previous experience of the game, the free download is a great way to get back into the game with all of the latest content. No matter which way players go, the EU4 all DLC package provides a great experience.

Overall, Europa Universalis IV’s v1.34.5 & ALL DLC version is a great way to experience one of the best grand strategy games of all-time with over 20 DLCs of content. With the EU4 all dlc free download package, everyone can enjoy the immense depth of EU4, and the “Lion of the North” DLC in particular. So whether you are a veteran of the series or a beginner, the Europa Universalis IV all DLC free download on Steam is a must-have for every grand strategy fan.
eu4 all dlc free

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