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QI Macros 2018

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QI Macros 2018 Overview

QI Macros , the most widely-used name for Microsoft Excel, a KnowWare product. With this add-on, you can access various tools for drawing charts, textures, and a wide range of templates in the Excel software environment. If you want to analyze statistics by Excel, you need to use the QI Macros add-on. An extension to you is for those users who want to make complex calculations alongside simple software issues.

The plugin you are using will be available in the Excel toolbar after installation. This add-on provides you with the tools you need for advanced analytics that you can use. By adding this plugin to your Excel software, you will be able to access various statistical templates. Due to the use of powerful and sure sure tools in this plugin you can have QI Macros as your own Excel software.

Features of QI Macros 2018

Below are some noticeable features which you’ll experience after QI Macros 2018 download free.

  • Added QI Macros auto to your Microsoft Office Excel toolbar after installing the plugin
  • Increases your speed to draw and perform advanced analytics
  • Brings you time savings
  • Allows you to control and edit graphs
  • Benefit from a very powerful tool that will meet your needs
  • High accuracy in analyzing charts, histograms and …

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QI Macros 2018
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