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Sex With Hitler (Uncensored)

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Sex With Hitler (Uncensored) is one of the most controversial games of the last few years. Developed in 2017 by a small underground studio, the game caused a stir in the gaming community with its central premise: the player is invited to take a ‘sexually charged’ journey and explore the depths of a virtual relationship with a recreated Adolf Hitler. The game comes with an age limit of 18 and a disclaimer stating that it is ‘not suitable for people who are sensitive to disturbing content’.
sex with hitler
sex with hitler 2

The game is composed of two separate parts. Part one of Sex With Hitler is the Nazi Dating Sim, which casts the player in the role of a younger Adolf Hitler, or ‘Hitler 2’, and tasks them with pursuing a relationship with a female companion. For the player, the goal is to seduce the woman, and for the AI-driven Hitler 2, the goal is to please her. In the game, the player must be mindful of their actions as every decision will have consequences.

The second part of Sex With Hitler is known as the Sex With Hitler Gameplay. Here, the player plays out a sexually charged encounter between Hitler 2 and his companion. The game allows the player to customize the degree to which the encounter will be ‘explicit’ and how far they want their Hitler to go. Through the game’s options, the player can decide to wear certain outfits, choose certain positions and even direct their Hitler to indulge in certain activities to add spice to the relationship.
sex with hitler game

The game has sparked the imaginations of many, with some hailing it as a daring experiment in storytelling, while others have expressed their outrage at the subject matter. Even if you disagree with the content, it is undeniable that Sex With Hitler pushes the boundaries of what games can achieve as an art form.

The game also includes a unique localisation option, which translates the game into Arabic, allowing players in the Middle East to experience the game in their native language. This means that Arabic speaking players can play the game using the Arabic title اتنزل الأهباء سكس.

The game has also been added to Steam Greenlight, the platform that allows game developers to showcase their games to a wider audience, stirring both interest and debate.

Sex With Hitler has certainly created a stir, but ultimately, it is left to the individual to decide whether to take the plunge and explore this unusual relationship or not. There is no denying, however, that the game's boldness and its willingness to go to places other games might not have explored has captivated the minds of gamers worldwide. Whether you're a fan of it or not, Sex With Hitler has certainly managed to turn heads and spark conversation.
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