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Sony ACID Music Studio

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Sony Acid Music Studio is the perfect way to bring your musical visions to life. With "Acid Music Pro" – the package that comes with the Studio – you get a powerful digital audio workstation with an easy-to-learn interface, giving you unprecedented creative freedom.
acid music pro
sony acid music studio

Acid Music Pro gives you the ability to compose, record, edit and mix music with a professional edge. It supports up to 24 audio tracks and unlimited MIDI tracks, plus the included software instruments provide options for instant composing, looping, and sound design. It also includes several high-end virtual instruments and effects to take your music productions to the next level. And its included VSTi/DXi support lets you use your favorite third-party plug-ins with Sony Acid Music Studio.

What’s more, Acid Music Pro's rich selection of editing tools makes it easy to take any idea to reality. The Trimmer and Scissor tools let you create perfect edits. The Automation Track feature lets you create unique soundscapes, while loop and sample editing functions enable you to craft sound just the way you want it. You can even capture mixes, beat-slice drum loops, adjust tempo and key, and create mixes with professional transitions.

For the total studio solution, the Sony Acid Music Studio also features on-site tutorials, plenty of practice tracks, and recording and mixing tips, so you can get up and running quickly. Plus, the Studio includes several music software titles, so you can begin composing and mixing right away.

For both beginners and professional musicians, Sony Acid Music Studio is the perfect tool to make your musical dreams a reality. With Acid Music Pro, you have all the power you need to turn your ideas into fully realized productions.

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