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WINDOWS 10 PRO incl.Office 2021 MARCH 2022

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Today we take a look at the latest edition of Windows 10 Pro and Office 2021, which are set for March 2022. By now most tech savvy consumers know about the much-anticipated updates for both of these popular operating systems, and we're here to provide you all the details.
bitlocker waiting for activation

Windows 10 Pro offers tremendous stability and compatibility, allowing you to operate all your favorite applications without a hitch. One of the major updates to the Pro edition of Windows 10 is the addition of the new Bitlocker application. Bitlocker is an application that allows you to encrypt and store data with an extra layer of security. With Bitlocker you are able to protect your files and keep them safe from prying eyes. Unfortunately, right now some users are experiencing issues with Bitlocker activation. Microsoft is aware of the issue and are actively working to fix it.

On top of that, Office 2021 has some exciting new features, such as improved document sharing, extended language support, and improved performance on older versions. These changes will make the productivity suite much easier to use, allowing you to get work done more efficiently.

When you combine these two products, the March 2022 update offers one of the most comprehensive and reliable packages for business and personal use. In addition to the updates for Windows 10 and Office 2021, Windows 10 Pro also has some additional features such as enhanced security, improved device control, and a wider range of input/output devices.

All in all, Windows 10 Pro and Office 2021 March 2022 update offer a great chance to get an up-to-date operating system with enhanced features and more. Although some of the processes such as Bitlocker waiting for activation can be tricky, the extra layer of protection should be worth the wait. We highly suggest you update to this version to take advantage of all the new features, and keep your data safe.

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WINDOWS 10 PRO incl.Office 2021 MARCH 2022
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